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Your shiny, new account comes with an email account. alpine is a command-line email application to use it, as is mutt. Good old-fashioned mail works too, although it’s a little cryptic.

alpine is menu driven, and the menus are self-explanatory; it’s surprisingly easy to learn, and surprisingly powerful when you want to customize it.

From the command line (after logged in via SSH), type: pine and [return] Follow instructions and use the menus at the bottom and top. (Note: When you see the ^ in front of the letter it means you need to use CTRL, otherwise just use the letter.)

non-cli options §

alternatively, you can use the webmail or standard imap/smtp.

some clients will automatically detect the right settings (tested with thunderbird).

connection settings:

  • port 993 with ssl
  • port 995 with ssl
  • port 587 with starttls

please remember to use only your tilde username as the login name, excluding the; for example invalid instead of

if you’d like your mail forwarded elsewhere, you can put an email address in a file called ~/.forward

sieve filtering §

our dovecot configuration supports sieve and managesieve.

this means that you should put your scripts in a ~/sieve/ directory, symlink the active script to ~/.dovecot.sieve, and make sure to compile it with sievec ~/.dovecot.sieve.

you can find some example sieve scripts here.

alternately, you can use webmail’s filter settings to configure your filters.

mailing list §

we now have an official mailing list!

if your account is old (pre sept 2019), you should be subscribed with the email you originally signed up with. if your account is newer (post sept 2019), then you should be subscribed with your address. if you don’t fit either of those categories, you can subscribe by visiting the web portal or by sending a mail to with “subscribe” in the subject line. in either case, you can change the email you’re subscribed with on the web portal or by unsubscribing and re-subscribing from the other address.

list archives are available on the web here.

as of september 17, 2019, we’re still seeing quite a few pending mails to gmail, yahoo, and fastmail. help get our list delivered by making sure to mark list messages as not spam and adding the list address to your contacts. if you’re feeling especially motivated, please reach out to the support on your mail provider and ask them to look into why you’re not receiving the messages.