~chortle's log [2022]


A week off with the kids in August means out in the hedgrows picking Blackberrys, and clearing our apples from tree. The large apple tree in our garden seems to ripen end of July beginning of August. We had mistakenly waited until September last year and lost nearly all the Apples to birds, insects and windfall. This year however our early approach has proven effective and we now have enough apple frozen to use twice weekly until next autumn.

We also found some Walnut tree's in one of the local woodlands though these will not be ready until mid-september. The hazelnuts we gathered three weeks back are not particularly impressive and seem underdeveloped, despite appearing to reach maturity. I suspect this is something to do with the lack of rainfall in our region. It hasn't rained since the end of May which is particularly unusual for this time of year. I do wonder how crops produced locally have fared and suspect this will be an ongoing issue.

In terms of software development, I had planned to spend much of my down time working on an ncurses text editor I have been developing as a pet project. This has proven a signficant challenge. Mainly due to the heat. Whilst some might consider temperatures in the high 30's (90f+) fairly usual; in the UK this tends to be the exception. No aircon, well insulated houses has proven a barrier to clear thinking and concentration.

As such I have resigned myself to use the time to relax and unwind. I've been reading the entire Witcher collection on Kindle, and spent a good chunk of the week watching this documentary on BBS. Certainly interesting history lesson for an individual who arrived in this world just a little too late to participate. I'd be interested to see a similar documentary on web based BBS's that emerged in the late 90's.

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PHP development server

In the process of developing this site I discovered that PHP >= 5.4 comes with an integrated development server these days. As such there is no longer need to use something like XAMPP or an equivalent when testing basic php files.

So to run the development server on my machine I can simply run

php -S

and navigate to this address in firefox. This is rather convenient but given arch now ships php >= 8.1 this was a reminder that it really has been a long time since I did any web development.

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Initial commit

The website was created using the john doe template and portable-php.

Why a Blog? I write because I can; plainly and simply because I have decided to. The hope being that it will afford opportunity to articulate thoughts clearly and provide a useful reference point for all the snippets that I have found useful over the years.

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