This will probably appear pretentious at first, but hear me out:

I've had a blog before, it even had some traffic going to it, and a miniscule amount of people actually commenting on the posts.

But towards the end of that endeavour I got caught up in feeling a need to continue producing posts, and in so doing also lowered the quality of the posts going out.

And that was so far removed from the reason I started writing the blog (i.e. practice my writing, and document (mostly for myself, but if others found it useful, all the better) things that had stumped me), that I eventually just quit. Without fanfare, without ceremony, I just stopped updating.

And for the last couple of years, I have been maintaining a personal wiki (powered by vimwiki), and this has been completely offline, thus only benefiting myself, and at that, only when I am at a computer from which I could access said wiki.

Then it hit me. I don't really want a blog. I want a knowledge base, a wiki. And that could be shared online, hopefully benefiting others as well.

And so here we are.

Now, vimwiki also makes it easy to write a diary/journal, so it is not outside the realm of possibility that chronologically ordered entries will be made as well, but if I can limit myself from writing too many of those sorts, then perhaps I also won't generate into low-quality posts...

UPDATE: Or perhaps that is the wrong way to go about it altogether... While it is beneficiary to create a knowledgebase, the story behind why certain knowledge ended up in there may also be of value (especially if I, or someone else, attempts to search for an answer online to a specific problem, and uses the words that went into the description of what I was attempting to accomplish, which in turn genereated the knowledge-entry).

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