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My name is Gasconheart. You can email me at,, or Visit my web site. Check my blog. Add me at Discord: gasconheart#1668, or gasconheart#6461. Skype me at gasconheart. WhatsApp me at 0034 634695825.

The web server I host at home is on pretty much 24/7. It resides on a single-board micro-computer. That computer is currently hosting a web server, a NAS server (sshfs), an IRC daemon, a SSH server, and an audio server (VLC). Visit my IRC channel. Leave feedback on the Disqus box down below. Be awesome to each other!

This is some stuff I offer online:

I have my own IRC daemon, which you can access through this web page. You can reach me through my off-line form. You can browse some of my personal photos. You might want to listen to my audio streaming.

I am part of the Cassette Tape Storage Council. I invite readers to visit its web site and consider joining.

Visit also my web sites at SDF, Tilde Team and Texto Plano

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