~~a Lis Pendens production~~

2019-09-16 Almost five years. Sitting in a conference room, waiting for a meeting to start. Had a conversation about mental illness with an old friend by Facebook Messanger yesterday that made me sad, because I didn't really know what to say. Be well, y'all.

2014-11-03 Looks like this isn't really going to be a blog. Please try to contain your disappointment. I'll post occasionally. Maybe. Or it will be a landing page for the Twitter account.

2014-10-31 Facebook is really, really depressing. But I've resigned myself to not being an "I hate Facebook" hipster on Twitter. Taking an aim at the remnants of hipsterism in my life in general.

2014-10-29 Coyotes make truly terrifying noises. Outdoor cats are still fine. Elections are happening, which I don't much care about, except to be happy I'm not an elected official. Trust me, I've watched people lose elections, it's no way to live.

2014-10-25 Le Weekend. Nothing much to say.

2014-10-23 [insert cat picture] The world around me is getting colder. Perhaps winter is coming again. Banksy wasn't really arrested, because it would be stupid to arrest him/her. Probably him. Banksy is the Man.

2014-10-22 Back on Facebook, so back in touch with people I used to know. I'm not anti-Facebook, there are just things about it that are scary. Need to unfollow some people on Twitter too, so I'll do that like I'm re-friending people. Slowly.

2014-10-21 Mi vida loca. House full of crazy women, but not like you think. I've been thinking about how genius Twitter is. This sort of "blogging" is social in the sense that you're writing for an audience, albeit mostly an imaginary one. But you never hear from people. You might hear from people if you got popular somehow, but those would be "fans." Facebook on the other hand is TOO social, and with people you think you want to be internet social with because you know them IRL but, turns out... Twitter is social life in tiny gulps, addictive but undemanding. So there you go. Not much in the way of unique insight for 2014, but what do you want for free?

2014-10-20 I'm not "worried about Ebola." I'm worried about the institutional failures, and the greasy ways in which this somewhat extraordinary event got seamlessly integrated in what for lack of a better phrase we laughingly call the "national dialogue." But there is a nagging sense that life is slowly enacting the sort of dystopic novels I liked to read in the 1980s.

2014-10-15 Spaced was a really depressing show.

2014-10-14 Remediation is the word of the week. One year sorted.

2014-10-12 Missed a day, ran 5k. Today I'm sitting in the fall weather with teen mom cat in the carport. Fall makes me nostalgic, and nostalgia is bad, but there's a good energy in the air. Optimism. Hope it lasts. And that's the problem.

2014-10-10 It's Friday, and I'm mad at nostalgia again. I need a get organized day bad.

2014-10-09 Work piling up, and I'm having to spend all my time on...well, never mind. It's all vanity, in the end. I keep thinking about Victorian newspapers, full of train schedules and gossip and bad fiction.

2014-10-08 Couldn't see the blood moon. Did it set before I could get out there? I watched an amazing lunar eclipse from the beach in Maine in 1982. Ever since then lunar eclipses have been lame, partly as an inevitable consequence of aging and partly because lunar eclipses really are kinda lame.

2014-10-07 Don't even ask.

2014-10-06 Monday MOnday DADA DAda DAda. Momas and the Papas part of the International Situationist DADA Conspiracy? It's orders day and I have stuff to do because I'm a busy frickin' lawyer, y'all.

2014-10-05 Followed a lot of people on Twitter. I'm testing something, and the tilde folk deserve a follow. I remember my dreams when I woke this morning but got distracted feeding cats and don't remember them anymore. BTW, this isn't intended to be a dream journal, I'm just recording early morning thoughts and the dreams have been bleeding through.

2014-10-04 Another morning. Dream about music and the fact I never listen to anything new. We were listening to cassetes of bands named after blogs I read. Everyone was cooler than me. It's dark out and the animals are strangely calm.

2014-10-03 On Survivalism. Apparently people are watching Youtube videos about how to make steel and so forth, on the assumption that this will give them some kind of advantage after a societal collapse. I submit that there's a flaw in that thinking that's distinctively of this age. History suggests that the people who will have an advantage in ANY situation are the people who control resources, through violence or other means. My guess is that being able to make steel might make you a more valuable servant, but the dream these people have of entering the master class by being post-apocalypse entepreneurs is misguided. My reaction to these videos is kind of like a 1970s middle manager's reaction to the suggestion that he should learn to type.

2014-10-02 I don't remember my dreams. Is this a dream? I mean that seriously. It's 2014 and I am thumb typing this blog entry into an ssh shell in my phone. That's not why I think this might be a dream. I remember when GUIs happened in the late 1980s, how suspicious I was when they abstracted away the shell. I knew intellectually that the shell itself was an abstraction, but I didn't really *know* that.

Not sure people understand when I'm joking. Not sure I do anymore either.

2014-10-01 Couldn't sleep. Maybe I should start a blog. It's dark and cold and my elderly cat is a demented and won't stop crying. We're all doomed.


We will learn to fear the blockchain.

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