Godfather of the tildeverse

This is the tilde.club origin story.

I remember when I really learned HTML, after reading Justin Hall’s how-to but never making my first page. One day I committed to coding up my first webpage so I went out and bought a book (at a Waldenbooks?) on “Authoring pages in Netscape”. I started reading it at 9pm, and finished the thing cover-to-cover and published my first fully-baked webpage around 5am the next day. I bought the book the day before xmas, 1995, and the rest is history.

I remember the book heavily suggested any readers looking for webspace sign up with a site that gave out server spots in the form of users.companyname.com/~your_username and the reason I didn’t sign up was they only set up new accounts when you mailed them a check, which I felt was too much trouble for 1995, and instead I used an old workstation in my graduate school lab.

Anyway, tildes are kind of fun, glad to see them come back.