Testing out a ridiculous app to see if I can blog using it. The state of static blog engines is kind of appalling, but then since blogging is long since dead, there can’t be much of a market for it. I just spent two hours looking through simple static file generating blog engines, but they’re all a mis-mash of developer-friendly toolsets but in the end I just want something simple, something easy to edit and manage, something that can incorporate a desktop app -- I don’t want to fix typos in vi at the command-line.

A hilarious museum of options were presented with each successive Google search. CityDesk. Radio Userland, etc. I actually downloaded a few apps but none of the mac options would run in a modern Yosemite beta install. Newer apps like Day One might do the job, but don’t offer custom publishing out to an endpoint or simple indexes/archives/permalinks.

Let’s see if this works.Holy crap it did, and boy is it ugly. I will try and simplify this template.