The edgiest of edge cases

When my wife and I got married, we picked a month in the Fall when it was still warm and that happened to be the one both our birthdays were in. Then we picked a Saturday we could get a venue and suddenly we were getting married on her birthday. This is pretty rare as I’ve never met anyone else with this sort of lucky 2-for-1 day but I never thought too much about it.

Tuesday when I logged into Facebook, it was that fateful day, and curiously I only noticed it because the sidebar of their site where special messages go told me I was celebrating an anniversary today. It didn’t mention her birthday at all.

So somewhere, an engineer had to write a condition that if both those things matched for someone on the same day, the anniversary was more important than the birthday, so only show them the former, drop the latter. I’d suggest maybe showing both, just added a new line for the birthday as well, but then I know there can’t be that many of us magical unicorns around that share that condition.