No Fun

So you record a short video clip, and you want to show it to friends. Your phone lets you open it up in iMovie, and attach a song you purchased from iTunes as the background. It looks great, sounds great, and will crack up your friends.

You hit "share" and upload it to Facebook. You load up your Facebook, but no video, instead you are being read the riot act about how you've just committed a copyright violation and you have to click a box to agree you did a very bad thing and feel bad before they hide the scolding message.

You hit "share" again, but this time you go to Vimeo. Great, after waiting 20 minutes for their queue, you wait another 15 for processing. When you play the video, it is silent, killing that perfect song you picked to crack up your friends. Oh, you've got a new message from Vimeo Staff. We had to remove your copyrighted music from the clip, and it will remain silent and a private video until you agree you have done a very bad thing and you feel bad.

Alright, alright already. Let's "share" this on YouTube. Whoa! Immediately after upload, Google slaps you down with a message saying you have one violation strike against your account. I don't know how many strikes I have ever had, or how many mean "you're out" but I feel like I did a very bad thing and I feel bad.

You know what kills the fun of sharing a short video clip you score with music on your phone? Getting Content ID violations on Vimeo, Facebook, AND YouTube immediately after uploading.

Fuck these assholes, I shared it on my own FTP server. (36Mb)