No no no, I asked for that on the side

Tonight I was at a Chipotle behind someone trying to complete one of the most complex orders of all time. Four different dishes, each with extra this, light that, and something on the side, and everything had to be in an exact order. The staff got a little mixed up with the crazy order and the woman started to lose her shit. The staff didn’t want to screw up any more so they’d ask her things twice to make sure they didn’t screw up again and that just made her exaggerated sighs even louder. I worked for years in food service and hungry people have very short fuses.

To get an idea of what they were working with, I distinctly recall the very end of her order. A burrito bowl that was supposed to have light amount of pico/tomato, the hot sauce on the side but also on the bowl, then extra sour cream and extra cheese and she nearly flipped her shit when they gave her hot sauce only on the side, then put it on top of the cheese, making it out of order with how she wanted it (“Cheese on top, I said!”). Keep in mind, that’s just the second half of her last of four ordered items.

As she was paying (and the line of 30 people behind her grew) she said she had a terrible experience and would definitely be calling the manager. I felt bad for the staff, whose faces fell. Incidentally, entitled white people have only two power moves, it’s either “I’m calling your manager!” or if they eat a mushroom, grow to twice their size and deploy the super power move, it’s “I’m having my lawyer send your company a sternly worded letter!”

I am fluent in exasperated white people complaining, I hear it spoken around me all the time, and I honestly had a hard time following this person’s insanely complex order and the Chipotle staff did the best they could in the situation.

Anyway, long story short: don’t be a dick to service workers.