Like the old days, except now my copy of Photoshop is licensed


Tilde Club is largely about nostalgia to me (I think it was Erin McKean who was the first to call us the digital equivalent of a Civil War reenactment society), and today I remembered I used to dick around in photoshop and post really dumb images fairly regularly, so I decided to do two dumb ones today. The top one required slapping my face on top of an existing famous animated GIF, by tweaking 59 frames by hand of it, and I knew I did a fairly bad job at it but it doesn’t matter. Then I put it on because that domain was cheap and freely available and I think the new TLD system is utter nonsense and will continue my quest to buy more stupid domains for one-off joke pages.

The second image I did just for me, because I wanted to have this handy as a reaction image to drop in chat threads in the future.

As they say “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, and post your dumb photoshop images more often.