It's now weed's Eternal September

I turned 42 today and I decided this week that I’m going to start smoking pot for the first time in my life. I can buy legal weed just an hour from where I live, and we’re about to vote in legalization next month in Oregon. Like gay marriage, there’s not much of a case made against it and I suspect laws will fall state by state over the next year to the point where the whole thing will explode in popularity. The US should have a sane drug policy and I think we’re finally going to start getting it.

Friends keep asking me why I changed my tune. I avoided it through my teens because in high school I made money working in bike shops and doing BMX tricks in “Just Say No” shows at schools and churches. I didn’t feel strongly one way or the other towards pot, but I got paid $50 to ride my bike in circles for 15min every Saturday so really my abstinence was simply bought off.

In my twenties, I was mostly hustling, trying to get straight-A’s through college, then grad school, then into a career. Pot frankly sounded too good to be true and I feared procrastination would get the best of me if I spent any idle time mellowing out with it.

My thirties were mostly about building a family. I moved, bought a house, had a kid, sold a house, bought another one, quit my day job, hired employees, and proceeded to get stressed completely out by the end of the decade.

Things have slowed down a bit after 40. I ride my bike a lot, go with the flow on the business/career front, and frankly could use something to help me relax once in a while (the therapist I saw a couple years ago has retired and I haven’t found a replacement).

So far, my initial experiments aren’t blowing my mind and it’s incredibly difficult to find good newbie information about this stuff online. I suspect due to the dodgy laws and checkered past, very few site publishers seem to be gearing info towards people new to pot. Every review of every device, strain, or technique is done by life-long potheads talking to other life-long potheads about the minutiae of things only a lifetime of experience would teach you. If ever there was a time for an explosion of content about this subject, now would be the time.

I hope there’s a PVRblog of pot out there for someone to come along and launch so I have something aimed at people like me, looking for honest, real information and dumbed down enough that even a newbie could understand. I’m sure I’ll find it soon.