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Wong Kar-wai commits tax fraud

June 05, 2022 — ~mtrovi

The first time I watched Cats (the musical, I did not have it in me to watch the movie) I remember being amazed at how talented and well-rounded all the actors were. They could dance, sing and act at the same time and look good while doing it. When someone can manage all those things at the same time while most other human beings will never be able to do those things in their entire lives, you get this feeling of awe that you can’t shake off the whole time.

This is exactly how I felt watching Everything Everywhere All At Once. It felt like watching 10 movies at the same time. The same way Evelyn is struggling to keep track of everything life throws at her, the viewer is doing just the same to keep track of the plot. This is all achieved through a masterful use of different filming techniques and artistic styles and it’s truly a joy to witness. And the love the directors had for the movies they’re referencing is apparent, I almost screamed in the sequence inspired by In The Mood for Love.

It’s one of those films that should be rewatched a few times to really grasp everything it’s trying to communicate but that’s not really how I approach watching movies, I prefer just going with my first impression for some reason. Can’t say that it wasn’t a strong first impression for this one.

Especially everything that had to do with the relationship between Evelyn and Joy. Don’t feel like going into too much detail but I’ll just say that it hit very close to home.

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What even is a blog?

June 05, 2022 — ~mtrovi

I hate ideas.

The way they emerge from the most obscure corners of my mind and they take hold of my brain for hours at a time. I just want to lock them up somewhere and never have to think about them again.

So uh… welcome to the blog!

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