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If you like what does and would like to contribute to the costs of running such a service, feel free to make a donation. If you can, we appreciate it, if you can’t, we also appreciate you being here.

Methods you can donate to §

There are currently two (3) methods you can donate financially to

  1. Liberapay - You can donate as little as $0.02/week using this method

  2. Paypal

  3. Bitcoin: 17yfh3UGJquhyQJqr4iS7FCTxHhgcu8bAw

  4. Etherium: 0xb172b6Be090A919FE9fe11C72607e8F8604246b4

**NOTE: Please E-Mail to notify that you have donated so we can add you to the gold star supporters list.

Other then financial contributions best thing to do is be involved in the community. Eg. Create a PR on’s github or tildegit, Chat on IRC, create awesome webpages, develop software using the many tools available to you on does cost money to run, however it all makes it worth it if the community is active and enjoying what we offer.

ask on irc if you have questions!