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not much to report yet, but let's make a list, starting with netnews, gopher, and some way to write this all in markdown.



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weblog 2014 November

# 09 November 2014

It's getting cold out, and there's snow in significant quantities to the north of us. Time to make sure everyone in the household has a warm winter coat.

# 05 November 2014

My LinkedIn profile is accumulating relics from the past - it's pretty good at that, actually. But what seems to be missing from it is a crisp rendition of what is actually going on in the present.

I like the walk down memory lane, but I'm not sure how relevant it is as a description of what I am or what I'm up to. With a career as various as mine, it's hard to do anything other than come up with a big long list of projects and to simply describe that past efforts are still somehow relevant.

# 02 November 2014

The morning is a lot easier with an extra hour of sleep.

Working on a tiny bit of automation to figure out how many customers are without power at utility companies around the nation.

# 01 November 2014

Spring forward, fall back.

Rotating the weblog to make it so I have a blank page again. The older October 2014 log is still online, as are a few relics from 1999. I like the month at a time strategy for log rotation - that's very different from the every-post-is-alone version that most of the blogging tools I've used generate.

Some neat mapping tools using ebird and jq to produce geojson here: Scripted Github GeoJSON Gists. This should go on my GeoJSON page.

If I'm clever I'll create a script to generate permalinks for these entries, based on a common scheme for index name rotation and some soft links in the file system.

I'm looking for recommendations for a modern high-capacity backup drive, ideally one that's known to work with Time Machine for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10.


This design is based on my first weblog, so it's kind of rough, and it uses tables, and it's very, very plain. But I miss the weblogs of 1999 and am happy to be back at it. It's very nice to share a shell prompt with interesting people doing neat things.

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