After a couple hours with the new Apple Music service, I think they're on to something.#

Once again managing my email locally via OfflineIMAP and still reading it with Mutt#

Today's background image is Apple Extended Keyboard II#

Today's background image is Refilling the Pen#

I was right, it was a terrible idea. There's just not enough advantages over Mutt to make it worthwhile#

Today's background image is of a Typewriter and Amazon Echo#

And speaking of the SCOTUS, how about those folks this week, eh?# The Amazon Echo#

Today's background image is Jeep Hit 160,000 Miles# Oh Yeah, There's Still a!#

I'm generally in agreement with the SCOTUS decisions today. I fully admit that I'm rooting for the ACA, however flawed it might be.#

Today's background image is 8mm Film 1938#

Thinking a lot lately (again) about personal digital preservation. Should've attended this.#

First post since January. No particular reason other than Mr. Ford's Bloomberg article is pretty amazing and it reminded me about

Today's background image is First Development with R3 Monobath#

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