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i'm that old fandom person waving a stick around yelling at you to get off my lawn, except i never actually posted any fanfic. but i have a plan to rectify that! i'm currently working on an into-the-spider-verse, miles-centric fic that focuses on miles grappling with the racial tension in nyc. (i started this before the pandemic. last october. i took a brief hiatus after the world decided it wanted to be stranger and more depressing than fiction and protests cropped up everywhere.) i relate well with miles as someone in that in-between (he's afro-latinx) and i really want to pay homage to the less-prominent aspect of coming-of-age that involves learning what your identities are, and how they intersect. plus miles is my bby and i will treasure him (and his 'fro) forever. (he's just. so pure.)


a few months ago, my good friend meriadoc introduced me to the fediverse, and all the assorted software and servers that link into it. somehow i also fell into a thing involving federation with pis and also the actual game federation 2. idk. i'm workin on it.


speculative fiction is my third love, and interactive fiction ranks pretty high up there too. i'm looking at getting involved in editing and reviewing short sci-fi and fantasy stories, because although i also have a distinct writing voice, i feel like my gifts are much better suited to bringing out clarity in other people's work. (all that being said, i wouldn't turn down a freelancing writing gig. ;) )


i don't really know what's coming up in my future, tbh. i want to make some e-lit art projects, round out my software project repertoire, maybe nail down a more androgynous power wardrobe? i definitely want to refine this lil site a little more, i know that much.

other things that don't begin with f

i am working on Self Improvement (look i can use capital letters too!) and hashing out identity and figuring out how to collect and share my much beloved bookmarks, but on the web. such an unprecedented idea, i know. :p